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We are glad to welcome you to the web-site of Almin Provision services.

Almin Provision Service is the largest operator in supplying enterprises of Moscow and Moscow regions with necessary business goods and services. The company has been working since 1995, covering an increasing quantity of customers’ branches and offering innovative decisions in the field of service.

At present the customers of Almin Provision Service are the majority of large organizations in the entertainment sector - bars, cafes, restaurants, casinos, night clubs; the organizations of medical and sanatorium-health-resort appointment; various nurseries and educational institutions; factories and various enterprises of industrial activity sphere.

Presented on our web-site product range totals more than 5000 items and is constantly updated and enlarged. We delivers consumables, disposable ware, glass and ceramic wares, stationery, professional chemistry, cleaning equipment, both of Russian and foreign manufacture.

Our purpose is to supply the best quantity of goods and services to enterprises, regardless of that enterprise's scale or sphere of activity.

Almin Provision Service – Service for Your business.