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Official notification

Instructions for using web-site

In this notification there are rules of using this web - site which applies to all visitors and users. Using materials of this web- site, the visitor expresses his full consent with the given rules.

This web-site, and all its materials and data are the property of Almin Company, ltd. This web-site is intended for giving information about Almin Company to all users of network, interested in getting the information about it’s activity.

The company has accepted all wise measures providing accuracy and an urgency of the information placed on this Internet web- site, however it’s accuracy and completeness can not be guaranteed.

Moreover, this web-site contains different information about Company’s prospects (strategy, the purposes, missions etc.) which reflects current knowledge of Company’s management and include risks and uncertainty. The company considers that it is important to warn all visitors of this web- site that the real course of events and results of activity can be different from forecasts published on web-site and statements.

The last activity results of the company mentioned on this Internet site, it is not necessary to consider as a guarantee of the future results of its activity.

The company does not responsible for any inexact or incorrect information about its activity and activity of the third parties on this web-site. Also the company has not any obligations for correcting or changing web-site’s materials further.


The Company informs visitors of this web-site that the information about visitors (IP-address, domain, type of a browser and operating system, date and visiting time, etc.) gathers and retains in an effort to conducting statistics of visits. This information is available to all, thus, the Company doesn’t responsible for its disclosure. The personal information about visitors of this web-site (their names, addresses, e-mails, etc.) does not gather and does not retain without user’s permission.


The Information of this web-site is protected by the law of copyrights. The company gives right to the visitors of web-site to use the published materials in any personal and non-commercial objectives.
The other (external) web-site’s links are placed here free of charge. The information from these web-sites isn’t a continuation or addition materials of the Company.

Action of legislation

The usage of this web-site and it’s information are regulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.