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Order and delivery

The company ALMIN Provision Service is ready to deliver Your order to any point in Moscow, the Moscow Region and other regions of Russian Federation.
Our managers will help You to sort the required goods.
The team of warehouse workers will carefully gather and load Your order.
The transport and logistics department will provide delivery of your order at any convenient time for You.
One condition: We today deliver the order to You which You made yesterday.

Working days: Monday - Friday from 9.00 till 18.00, Saturday from 9.00 till 16.00
On Sundays you can buy your supplies direct from our shops.

Orders are accepted daily (except Sunday) from 9.00 till 16.00 without lunch break.

We are equally attentive to all our clients, regardless of their enterprise's scale or sphere of activity.

For placing order You can use any convenient for You variant:

  • by means of Corporate Internet Service using company’s web-site *
  • to send your order by e-mail order@almin.ru or by e-mail of Your manager *
  • to fill in the form of the order from the printed catalogue and send it by fax: 8 (499) 240-30-51
  • to make order by multichannel phone: 8 (495) 789-38-39

* Our managers will surely contact You for specification of your order on ordering day.

Delivery is carried out next day after order conformation or payment..

The order can be divided into parts with different efficiency of delivery and to different addresses or on different dates.

You can choose any convenient for You way of payment: cash or account payment.

Cash payment: you pay for the order to the forwarding agent after receipt it. There is a full package of documents necessary for accounts department with order: original invoice and packing list.

Account payment: after ordering you are rendered an account. All documents, necessary for accounts department: original invoice and packing list, you will get with your order.

Terms of payment are defined individually.

For any form of payment for goods reception it is necessary to have a stamp or correctly filled power of attorney. The power of attorney can be one-time or general, but it is obligatory to be written out addressed to the addressee of the order.

Speed of our service depends on your help:

  • Before goods reception, prepare your stamp or correctly filled power of attorney with the identification card of the addressee;
  • Order the permit for the forwarding agent or the car if there is limited vehicle access at your address.
  • Delivery to the other regions of Russian Federation is carried out by transport company of Moscow if the order total is greater than 30 000 rub.

Delivery to the Moscow region within 20 km of MKAD is free of charge if the order total is greater than 20 000 rub. Out of 20 km the cost of delivery is 500 rub. + 20 rub. per kilometer.

Free of charge delivery:

  • within MKAD if the order total is greater than 5 000 rub.
  • in Moscow region within 20 km of MKAD if the order total is greater than 20 000 rub.
  • to the transport/courier companies of Moscow if the order total is greater than 30 000 rub.
  • for affiliated retailers within Moscow MKAD if the order total is greater than 3 000 rub.