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Our company was created in 1995 and now Almin is the market leader in the supply of consumables to the restaurant/bar/casinos/catering business.

Our mission is to supply the best quality goods and services to each client irrespective their scale or field of activity.

Today the ALMIN Service group are 4 companies united by one supervising centre:

ALMIN Provision Service

For those who needs the set of the various goods for daily work.

ALMIN Provision Service will take care of all necessary for You.

ALMIN Provision Service – is a minimum of wasting time for search, order and reception of the goods that are necessary for You.

ALMIN Cleaning Service

For those to whom cleanliness serves as the visiting card.

ALMIN Cleaning Service offers services in professional cleaning.

ALMIN Cleaning Service — decrease in Your expenses and get high quality cleaning due to our expert professionalism and latest technological workings in this area.

ALMIN Delivery Service

For those who value the time.

ALMIN Delivery Service will take care of Your order's transportation.

ALMIN Delivery Service — is a delivery service of the goods to any point in Moscow and the Moscow Region with the maximum benefit for You.

ALMIN Design Service

For those who care about their company image.

ALMIN Design Service offers services in working out of any kinds of advertising products.

ALMIN Design Service — are ideas with full support from a breadboard model to circulation.